How To: Update My Billing Information

How To: Update My Billing Information

Updating Your Billing Information

If you wish to update your billing information on our system, click the [Edit Details] on your Client Portal Dashboard.

Client Portal - Dashboard Buttons

The screen below will appear. You may update:

  • your name or company name
  • your GST Number (VAT Number), if applicable
  • your email address
  • your billing address
Client Portal - Update Company Billing Details

Updating Other Billing Information

Update billing contacts

Please call Provincial Tel at 204-920-8000 if you need to:

  • update an existing billing contact
  • add a new billing contact, or
  • delete a billing contact

Update Payment Information

We accept many forms of payment, for a list of payment methods, see What Are Provtel’s Accepted Payment Methods? To update your payment information or change your payment method, please call Provincial Tel at 204-920-8000. See How To: Update My Credit Card Information, to update your credit card information.

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