How To: Use Provincial Tel’s Calling Features

How To: Use Provincial Tel’s Calling Features

Our Premium Calling Features - Always Included!

At Provincial Tel, all of our premium calling features are included with your home phone plan. Each feature and how to access the feature is described below.

Don’t miss those important calls. If you are on the phone when someone attempts to call you or there is no answer, the Voice Mail feature will transfer the caller to your Voice Mailbox. They will then be able to leave a message for you. Your voice mail is accessible from any telephone.

Voicemail-to-email is a service that sends your voicemail messages to your email inbox. You will receive an immediate email notification when a voicemail message has been left in your Voicemail box. 

Who’s calling? Do I really want to answer the phone? With Call Display, the name and phone number of the person calling are displayed. You can then decide if you would like to take the call.

Not going to be home and don’t want to miss an important call? Forward your calls to a phone number of your choice.

To Enable Call Forwarding:

  1. Dial * 72 + forwarding number + #
  2. Wait for dial tone
  3. Hang up


To Disable Call Forwarding:

  1. Dial * 73
  2. Wait for dial tone
  3. Hang up


Are you busy in a meeting or with the kids and do not want to be disturbed? The DND feature allows all incoming calls to go directly to your voice mail.

To activate DND, dial * 78.

To cancel DND, dial * 79.

This feature will temporarily block your name and number from appearing on the recipient’s call display.

To activate Block Caller ID, dial * 67.

Are you bothered by a caller and have asked the caller not to call anymore, but the caller continues to phone you? Use the Call Trace to send the caller’s information to your local authorities for investigation.

To activate Call Trace, dial * 57.

Do you need to speak to someone regarding something in your local municipality, such as garbage/recycling pickup or reporting a water main break?

Dial 3-1-1 to talk to a representative of your municipality.

Are you travelling in Manitoba and want to know the road conditions?

Dial 5-1-1 to get all of the latest traffic and road weather information.

The Relay Service allows hard-of-hearing people to converse on the phone with those who can hear through an operator.

Dial 7-1-1- to make a call via an operator.

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