Is Provincial Tel a Phone Carrier or a Reseller?

Is Provincial Tel a Phone Carrier or a Reseller?

Carrier Vs. Reseller - Not all Phone Companies are created Equal

Provincial Tel is a Carrier and NOT a Reseller.

In 2006 Provincial Tel became a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) provider in Canada. And in 2009, Provincial Tel completed the extensive list of qualifications and was approved to offer telephone service across Canada.

So what does this mean to you as a consumer? We first need to delve into the history of telephony in Canada.

In the Beginning, We Had Only One Choice

In Canada, each province initially had one or more carriers that held a monopoly in a city, a group of cities, or an entire province. Examples are the Manitoba Telephone System and SaskTel. Back in the early days of telephony, you could buy phone services from only one company.

Today We Have Choices

Today we have much more choice. In most of Canada, home owners and businesses can now purchase phone services from a variety of different companies. Some of these companies are carriers, while others are resellers. 

So What's The Difference Between a Carrier and A Reseller?

In Canada, anyone can start a telephone company.  These are called resellers.  There is little to no government regulation of resellers.  It’s just like hiring a home renovation company. Some companies do an outstanding job, providing you exactly what you want for your budget. Other companies may not be as good.  On the other hand, carriers must follow specific rules and are heavily regulated by the federal government to ensure a certain service standard. Telecommunication carriers in Canada are certified by the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). 

The Advantages of Buying Your Phone Service from Provincial Tel

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