Will my Provincial Tel Phone service work if the power goes out?

Will my Provincial Tel Phone service work if the power goes out?

Will my service work if the Power Goes out?

“Can I still use my phone when the power goes out?” This is a question we often hear from both our home and business customers. VoIP phone service requires power. Therefore, your modem, router, home network and Internet Voice Gateway will not work in the event of a power outage.

9-1-1 Calling

If the power is not available, the 9-1-1 service on your Provincial Tel phone will not be available. Please ensure that you have an alternative method for calling 9-1-1, such as a mobile phone. See 9-1-1 Limitations for more details.

Businesses Solutions For When the Power Goes Out

Your business depends on your ability to communicate within the organization and with people and entities outside your company. You will not be able to receive phone calls, and your customers will not be able to reach you when the power is out. Furthermore, the loss of your phone system means a  loss of productivity and business continuity during the power outage. Your business cannot afford that. Therefore, you need a contingency or backup plan. At Provincial Tel, we offer two solutions.

Solution 1: Have a Backup Power Supply Ready (UPS)

Ensure you have backup power supplies to support your VoIP phone system and network when the power is out. Your VoIP network elements that require a power supply include LAN switches, routers, firewalls and other connection devices. With the proper backup power supplies and plan, you will stay connected to the Internet even during a power outage. Provincial Tel can help you build this backup plan as part of your complete business phone solution. 

Solution 2: Move to a Cloud-Based Phone System

Not all companies are interested in maintaining on-site equipment and outlaying the cash necessary for a backup solution. Cloud-based phone systems, such as ProvTel Cloud Voice, are another solution that is cheaper and more efficient.

Because cloud systems are hosted virtually, there’s no need to worry about the types of disastrous scenarios that disrupt on-premise phone services. If a phone line is cut, cloud-based systems are unaffected. If Internet service goes down, phone calls can be re-routed to backup cell phone numbers or other business offices.

With a cloud-based phone solution, like Provtel Cloud Voice, recovery and continuity become a non-issue.

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