Do You Provide Phone Service in Rural Manitoba?

Do You Provide Phone Service in Rural Manitoba?

servicing rural Manitoba

All Manitobans Deserve Great Phone Service

Everyone has the right to great phone service whether you live in a large city or a small rural community. Provincial Tel strives to provide rural Manitoba with an affordable home phone service. Residential customers, small office home office (SOHO), and enterprise customers all enjoy competitive cost savings and enhanced digital services. We provide service to 160 communities across Manitoba, like Selkirk and Brandon.  

Not Just in Manitoba...

Although we are located in Manitoba, we are proud to provide the same excellent digital service to 750 communities across Canada.

Crystal Clear Digital Phone Service

Keep your existing phone number and switch to our digital service. Eliminate those analog noises like clicks, pops, hums, and buzzing. Digital service is crystal clear, even when delivered over old rural Manitoba phone lines running DSL. You will be amazed at the difference in voice clarity and quality with our service.

Home Plans

We have a plan for every need and every budget. Find out which one of our Home Phone plans are right for you.

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