Is Provincial Tel a Phone Carrier or a Reseller?

Carrier Vs. Reseller – Not all Phone Companies are created Equal Provincial Tel is a Carrier and NOT a Reseller. In 2006 Provincial Tel became a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) provider in Canada. And in 2009, Provincial Tel completed the extensive list of qualifications and was approved to offer telephone service across Canada.  So […]

Can I Keep My Phone Number When I Switch To Provincial Tel?

Provincial Tel Home Phone Solutions

One of the main questions we are asked is “If I switch to Provincial Tel, can I keep my phone number?” The simple answer is, Yes! Once you have made the wise moved to Provincial Tel for your phone service, we can transfer your existing phone services on your behalf. The CRTC has mandated that […]

Do You Provide Phone Service in Rural Manitoba?

Provincial Tel Home Phone Solutions

Everyone has the right to great phone service whether you live in a large city or a small rural community. Provincial Tel strives to provide rural Manitoba with an affordable home phone service. Residential customers, small office home office (SOHO), and enterprise customers all enjoy competitive cost savings and enhanced digital services. We provide service to 160 communities across Manitoba, like Selkirk and Brandon.

How Do I Use Your Calling Features?

At Provincial Tel, all of our premium calling features are included with your home phone plan. Each feature and how to access the feature is described in this article.

Will my Provincial Tel Phone service work if the power goes out?

“Can I still use my phone when the power goes out?” This is a question we often hear from both our home and business customers. VoIP phone service requires power. Therefore, your modem, router, home network and Internet Voice Gateway will not work in the event of a power outage. 9-1-1 Calling If the power […]

What’s Included in the Home Phone Service Starter Kit?

We will mail the Provincial Tel Home Phone Service Starter Kit to your home once you sign up for one of our home phone plans. The phone will be fully programmed ready for you to use! Your kit will include the following items: Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) Ethernet cable Power adapter Stand for ATA Instructions […]